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Integrated Engineering engine fastener kits include upgraded ARP hardware for your VW/Audi 2.0T FSI engine. When building a performance aftermarket engine, upgrading your engine fasteners is highly recommended to strengthen the longblock assembly and reliably provide the appropriate clamping force for your increased horsepower, torque, and engine load. American made ARP fasteners are the absolutely highest quality kits you can find. Integrated Engineering is a genuine ARP Distributor and guarantees you a valid warranty. ARP fasteners will ensure that high-load bearing components stay put even under the most extreme conditions, eliminating potential bearing, timing, and loose hardware problems. Integrated Engineering ARP fastener kits include all the appropriate parts matched for your engine, purchase together and save!

100% made in USA
Genuine ARP hardware
100% re-usable
ARP install moly-lube included
Discounted kit pricing
High-strength fasteners


The Basic ARP Fastener Kit for 2.0T FSI engines is ideal for light performance engine builds where removal of the OE crankshaft is not necessary.

Kit includes:

ARP head stud kit
IE/ARP crankshaft timing gear bolt


Perfect for full longblock perfromance re-builds when removing the crank is necessary, the FSI 2.0T Ultimate Fastener Kit includes everything needed to repalce all OE stretch bolts and greatly improve the over-all clamping force and stability of the main caps, cylinder head, crankshaft timing gear, flywheel, and camshaft towers. Specialty EKagrip friction shim disc is utilized to provide even further increased surface friction between the flywheel and crank. The combinatin of ARP hardware along with the patented shim disc offer the most reliable interfaces available for the FSI 2.0T engines.

Kit Includes:

ARP head stud kit
ARP main stud kit
ARP camshaft tower bolts
ARP flywheel bolts
IE/ARP crankshaft timing gear bolt
EKagrip flywheel/crankshaft friction shim disc


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