Air Suspension

We are proud suppliers of the best air suspension components and kits on the market:

Airlift As a leader in the air suspension market, Air Lift Performance is paving the way with revolutionary air management systems and suspension set-ups that will truly allow you to DRIVE IT, SHOW IT, TRACK IT!


Accuair founded in 2001 by brothers Reno and Dustin Heon, AccuAir has stayed true to its motto by investing more design, engineering, and testing into the Art of Controlling Air Suspension than anyone else in the world.


AirRex systems feature a range of Sleeve, Bellow or multi link air suspension struts depending on your application. Every AirREX upper mount is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and then hard anodised. High density polyurethane bushings and/or high performance bearings completes the package to ensure exact fitment and durability.


Only Charged Dubs As well as their love for Superchargers at OCD, the love for ‘Lows’ is ‘High’ up on the priority list. If your fed up of the altitude sickness due to your standard height vehicle or fed up of scraping over speed bumps in your static low car, Air Ride is your solution…

Installation / Fitting

As well as supplying kits, we also offer a high quality fitting service to cater to your every need. Whether your install needs to be hidden for a practical daily option, or you want a full blown show install with bespoke features, we can help.

  • @flannyyy1's S14 subframe and strut brace fresh after shot and powder #ssautowerks
  • Cranking up our turn around times this month, got both MK3's going back out the door next week and back onto cage work #ssautowerks
  • Crazy busy the past month, thanks everyone for your support - this was a complete rear end overhaul for Adams E46 M3 due to the subframe almost completely tearing out the floor (obviously) repaired and plated using the PSDesigns reinforcement kit, painted and stone chipped, diff housing repair, subframes shot blasted and powder coated with @powerflexbushes black series to replace the worn OEM subframe and diff bushes and @helperformance brake lines all round all supplied and fitted through ourselves, get in touch for best prices #ssautowerks
  • tight Y #ssautowerks
  • Our tried and tested M50/M52/M54 vanos hoses have been flying out the past week, head over to SSAW.EU to get yours ordered #ssautowerks

If you have any queries regarding air suspension set up for your car, please use the contact form.